Changing Context Of JavaScript Functions Using Call() And Apply()

// Create a global variable for context
var context = "Global (ie. window)";
// Create an object.
var objectA = {
  context: "Object A"
// Create another object.
var objectB = {
  context: "Object B"
// Define a function that uses an argument AND a reference
function testContext( approach ){
  console.log( approach, "==> THIS ==>", this.context );
// Invoke the unbound method with standard invocation.
testContext( "testContext()" );
// Invoke it in the context of Object A using call().
    ".call( objectA )"
// Invoke it in the context of Object B using apply().    
     [ ".apply( objectB )" ]

objectA.testContext = testContext;
// Invoke it as a property of object A.
objectA.testContext( "objectA.testContext()" );

// Invoke it in the context of Object B using call.
     " objectB )"

// Invoke it in the context of Window using apply.
     [ "objectA.testContext.apply( window )" ]

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