MongoDB CRUD Using Mongoose

Initialize Mongoose and Schema

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var schema = new mongoose.Schema({ name: 'string', account: 'string', date: 'string' });
var accountz = mongoose.model('accountz', schema);


   var small = new accountz({
        name: "SAMZ",
        account: "Monthly",
        date: "29/12/2015"
    }); (err) {
        if (err){
            console.log("Error in Save");
            console.log("Save Sucessfully");


   accountz.find().exec(function(err, data){
        if (err){
            console.log("Error in Reading");
            console.log("The value = " + data);


   accountz.findOne({ "_id": "0023"}, function (err, doc){ =;
        doc.account = editObj.account; =; (err) {
            if (err){
                console.log("Error in Updating");
                console.log("Updated Sucessfully");


    accountz.remove({ "_id": "0023"}).exec(function(err, data){
        if (err){
            console.log("Error in Deleting");
            console.log("Deleting Sucessfully");

You can refer to my github project Explore Here .


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